Fuse Cash to Volt funds migration explainer
An explainer on the migration of funds from Fuse Cash to Volt App
1) Download Volt using the following link: https://get.voltage.finance/gBMbโ€‹
2) Create a new account and back it up and set up security parameters.
Transfer funds between wallets in just a single step.
3) Once set up, head back to the main page of the Volt app and press the โ€œReceiveโ€ button. A window with a QR code and wallet address will pop up. Copy the wallet address.
Transactions from Fuse Cas app to Volt App take less than a minute.
4) Head to โ€œWalletโ€ tab inside the Fuse Cash app and press the โ€œSendโ€ button; you will be prompted to input a wallet address. Now, paste the Volt app wallet address, select an asset and amount, and send your funds to your Volt wallet.
Last modified 11d ago
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